It is that time of the year when we need to take stock of what went right and what went wrong or was left undone by government.  As you traverse the length and breadth of Akwa Ibom State you would observed the strides of Governor Udom on road infrastructure and this development has enhanced economic growth via cost reduction in transportation and increased the reliability of movement for goods and people, thereby increased productivity.

Unarguably, every progressive state depends heavily on efficient road infrastructure.And, the demonstrated commitment of governor Udom in this respect aptly captures that understanding.It is against this backdrop that the strides of the governor on road infrastructure must be commended. The
construction of the Itu–Uyo road, the Uyo–Etinan stretch that links Etinan–Eket Expressway and extensively directed through Eket–Ibeno Expressway, have been a huge blessing to the people.
Also, the strides of Governor Udom on road infrastructure received a boost in his aggressive drive and spread of road construction across the state. Worthy of mention here is the:
  • Dualisation of 25KM Uyo – Ikot Ekpene Road
  • Dualisation Of 25KM Uyo – Ikot Ekpene Road
  • Construction of 4.2 KM Abak Ifia – Ikpe  Mbak Eyop – Ikot Abia Osom – Nko Road and Spurs in Ikot Ekp
  • Construction Of 4.2 KM Abak Ifia – Ikpe Mbak Eyop – Ikot Abia Osom – Nko Road And Spurs In Ikot Ekpene
  • Construction of 6.41KM Nto Edino – Ikot Ekwere Azu road with 2 Nos 45M Span Bridges in Obot Akara
  • Construction Of 6.41KM Nto Edino – Ikot Ekwere Azu Road With 2 Nos 45M Span Bridges In Obot Akara
  • Emergency Completion of Akpan Andem Street, immediately after 4-Lane traffic light, Itiam/Ewet Hous
  • Completion of 5.1Km Internal Roads in Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa Campus
  • Construction of College of Education Road Network
  • Construction of 1.05km Information Drive, Uyo
  • Construction of 1.0km Redeem Church Road, Afaha Etok, Ibesikpo LGA
  • Construction of 1.3km Ntiedo Udosen Street
  • Construction of 1.5km Nsikak Eduok – Tropicana Outfall Drain
  • Construction of 10.8km Awa ? Nkana Road and 2.3km Ancillary Roads in Awa Village in Onna Local Governmemt
  • Construction of 12.742 km Awa Iman ? Asong ? Ikot Edim ? Ikot Emem road with 2No Bridges in Onna and
  • Construction of 13.13km Akpambiet Edo ? Edida Edo ? Ebeekpe road, Ndon Edim ? Idung Akpantuen road
Through these efforts each local government in the state realized a road project of importance to them.It is an effort committed to ensuring that Akwa Ibomites feel the touch of government in the course of Governor Udoms’ first term.
The importance of this road infrastructure cannot be overemphasized because of the critical role it plays in driving the economic growth and development of the state.  Governor Udom has raised more hopes for Akwa Ibomites by this commitment.So, in order to consolidate on these gains and make the state better, the people must come out and vote Governor Udom for a second term.

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