What We Do?


The New Breed for Sustainable Development is known to be guided by the following principles.


We are responsible citizens. We conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes trust, accountability and mutual respect.



Our vision inspires togetherness across board, striving as a team to deliver on our mandate to serve.


Our programmes and projects are designed to have measurable social impact outcomes in the livelihoods of Akwa Ibom people.


We act as developed loyal partner with government, private sector and well-meaning individuals.


Our members are young influencers, who promotes peaceful coexistence for sustainable development.

Aims & Objectives!

1. To foster unity, peace and harmony amongst the Akwa Ibom people, both at home and in Diaspora towards a greater development and industrialization.

2. Provide skill acquisition, job readiness, entrepreneurship and leadership trainings to our members, to become self reliant, create wealth, employment and contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic

development of the State.

3.  Groom, mentor and support young people to imbibe the spirit of excellence in their chosen fi eld of human endeavour.

4. To curb youth restiveness and maintain peace in the State by constructively engaging them in developmental programs and productive ventures.

5. To stimulate collaboration and be a platform for young think tanks to positively impact on the economic, social and political development of the State.

Overview of Our Activities!

The New Breed for Sustainable Development is a foremost socio-political group in Nigeria with over 65,000 members across the country and beyond. Our goal is to transform the mindsets and attitudes of young people from all walks of life to become self-reliant, agents of sustainability and development and to entrench the culture of oneness in purpose.

The New Breed Free Entrepreneurship Training for 10,000 youths in various skills are but not limited to the following; Catering, Makeover, Leather works, Fashion design, Audio/Visual Production, Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Photography/Videography.

The Free Entrepreneurship Training is in line with our mission to promote skill-based education and entrepreneurship, conscious of the important contribution entrepreneurship makes to sustainable development by creating jobs, driving economic growth and innovation, improving social conditions and  addressing social and environmental challenges in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), 2030 Agenda.

Why The Free Entrepreneurship Training!

Through the Pairwise Model, lack of entrepreneurship skills and culture was identified as one of the most critical problem. In this regard, it was decided that the provision of vocational and entrepreneurship skills training would be the best course of action in solving the problem. For this, The New Breed for Sustainable Development launched a training program that targets 10,000 youths trained, and at least 4,000 businesses to be established.

In the course of project implementation, the first batch of 330 youths completed their training and are awaiting graduation. The graduation event is scheduled for 12th November 2021. During the event, the graduating students are to be given starter kits to ease their transition from trainees to entrepreneurs. This set of trainees are already earning income through their newly acquired skills. Testimonies to this effect can be found on our website at www.tnbnigeria.org and this brochure.


The New Breed Vocational and Educational Training project aims at building the capacity of Akwa Ibom youth for self-employment through training and the establishment of sustainable Income Generating Activities (IGA).


Completion of the scheme will further our overarching objectives, including:

1. Providing vocational training to unemployed youths and recent school dropouts to enhance employability and provide a skilled foundation to build a career – therefore reducing levels of unemployment and despondency in those aged 21-35.

2. Empowering young people to believe in their dreams and to enable the acquisition of income (through formal and informal job prospects) so that they can support their households and families.

3. Fostering a change in community attitudes whereby everybody is allowed to succeed.


The number of direct beneficiaries of this project would be 10000 young persons in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. The annual number of indirect beneficiaries would be 2000 families, along with more than 600 jobs created by the trained beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are mostly underemployed and unemployed youths.

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