About Us

Welcome to The New Breed FSD!

Mobilizing Youth Action for sustainable development & synergizing Akwa Ibomites worldwide to ensure free and fair electoral processes.


We exist to transform the mindset & attitudes of young Akwa Ibomites from all works of life, tribe & color to be self-reliant, agents of sustainability & development; and to enshrine the culture of oneness in purpose & entrepreneurship towards making Akwa Ibom  “The Destination” as well as establish a solid and industrial link between home & diaspora.


Our Mission is to be agents of transformation, development, and good governance; to promote our heritage and values while instilling the spirit of craftsmanship, industry, and entrepreneurship.

To foster unity, peace, and harmony amongst indigenes of the state both home and in diaspora towards greater development and industrialization.

Provide opportunities and source facilities to economically empower our members at all levels, both locally and internationally.

    To bring together all young professionals, skilled and uneducated but handymen into one family.

    To make Akwa Ibom “The Destination” a Peaceful haven and desired destination for investors and tourists.