The New Breed Vocational and Educational Training project aims at building the capacity of Akwa Ibom youth for self-employment through training and the establishment of sustainable Income Generating Activities (IGA).

Completion of the scheme will further our overarching objectives, including:
1. Providing vocational training to unemployed youths and recent school dropouts to enhance employability and provide a skilled foundation to build a career – therefore reducing levels of unemployment and despondency in those aged 21-35.

2. Empowering young people to believe in their dreams and to enable the acquisition of income (through formal and informal job prospects) so that they can support their households and families.

3. Fostering a change in community attitudes whereby everybody is allowed to succeed.

The number of direct beneficiaries of this project would be 10000 young persons in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. The annual number of indirect beneficiaries would be 2000 families, along with more than 600 jobs created by the trained beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are mostly underemployed and unemployed youths.